Halloween 2015 – UK Theme Parks Part 3 (Chessington World of Adventures)

Chessington Howl”o”ween


Remember Goosebumps? The creepy R.L. Stine horror vignettes were TV gold in the 90’s. Don’t ask me why, but I always get the impression that Chessington’s Halloween event is like that classic TV series. Terrifying, yet fun. As a family friendly event, Chessington have to find the spooky sweet spot where kids and adults have a good time. Whilst I have never been, I won’t lie, I am tempted to give it a shot this year.


It’s kind of shocking to see an age restricted maze being bought to Chessington. Whist you only have to be 8 to enter Curse of the Lost Tomb, it’s implied to be a more intense experience than Haunting in the Hollows. It’s confusing as to why Chessington have chosen Genghis Khan’s Tomb as the basis for this attraction. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a brilliant set up for a maze, but is it really going to be suitable for the family audience? And if it is, will the theme really be used to its full potential? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Despite everything I have said, I remain hopeful. As it’s costing an additional fee, we can pray Chessington has put some serious moolah into this attraction. As long as they focus on ambiance and scares this should be a pretty solid addition to the line-up.


I tend to shy away from the family friendly shows over Halloween. Unless I am being brutally attacked by scare actors, I don’t want to take part in audience participation. I totally understand those who do though, and the Trick or Treat Wood sounds like a fantastic addition for young adventurers. If you’ve visited Alton in the past and seen the Tick or Treat Doors, you’re likely to recognise the formula. Venture past the bewitching tree and choose a path to take. You’ll meet menacing goblins and enchanted fairies along the way. Are you in for a trick, or a treat?

*Unfortunately since posting, Vampire the Haunting in the Hollows has been removed from the lineup*

Howl’o’ween is operating from the 23rd of October to the 2nd of November at Chessington World of Adventures.

Curse of the Tomb tickets are yet to be released, but general admission is available for Howl’o’ween dates


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